Polygon Smart Contract Audit – Process, Companies, Pricing

More than 7,000 decentralized applications in DeFi, games, metaverses, and NFTs run on Polygon. It is a network of secure Layer 2 (L2) solutions and autonomous sidechains. Polygon smart contract audit is a significant contribution to the project’s safety, saving the company money and its reputation. If hackers can access sensitive user data, people will lose money, and the company will have to pay damages, bear losses, and restore its reputation.

The experienced, smart contract auditors make an audit that allows them to identify security vulnerabilities, analyze risks, perform advanced penetration testing, etc. The security suite of blockchain security analysis tools, and the high professionalism of auditors allow to identify security concerns, achieve maximum application invulnerability to hacker attacks, and protect customers.

Polygon Smart Contract Audit

It can provide smart contracts with high protection. In addition, timely detection of errors and vulnerabilities helps to quickly eliminate them and secure data leakage due to hacker attacks.

Polygon combines the best features of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains and offers low transaction fees. An audit is done using manual automatic code checks to search for vulnerabilities. The client receives a thorough audit report containing a description and recommendations on what corrections should be made to eliminate problems.

Smart Contracts

It is a programmable contract with written rules and agreements between the seller and the buyer. Smart contracts exclude the participation of third parties. They provide maximum accuracy, complete security, and high-speed interaction between the project and its community. Smart contracts guarantee high trust. If smart contracts are written correctly, they can ensure transaction safety.

Smart contract auditing is a key element of the smart contract development process. If projects do not pass smart contract audits, there is a high risk that they may run into huge security issues. The audit allows for avoiding unnecessary large financial costs and time.

The resources that firms save by ordering smart contract audit far outweigh the cost of smart contract audits. Therefore, an effective audit of smart contracts is the right investment decision.

Gas optimization

A good smart contract security audit company considers the business logic and gas usage according to the project requirements, which ultimately helps to strengthen and optimize the smart contract mechanism.

Polygon Smart Contract Audit Process

Polygon Network is a layer two solution compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Its goal is to increase the scalability of the Ethereum blockchain and reduce transaction costs. Polygon smart contract audit is a very important process as vulnerabilities attributed to the codes can cause severe damage to a project in case of a hacker attack. Это consists of several stages:

  • Phase 1. The audit team analyzes the Polygon smart contract logic and then conducts a security analysis. In the process, the code is tested for vulnerabilities and errors in the smart contract.
  • Phase 2. This evaluation process includes a manual review to fix problems in the code and an in-depth study of the smart contract code. The code goes through crypto-algorithm testing, penetration testing, and simulation of various possible attack vectors. Finally, auditors check smart contracts for compliance with gas requirements.
  • Phase 3. The audit team provides the client with a detailed and detailed report detailing vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement.

Polygon smart contract audit process is necessary to receive vulnerability information promptly, eliminate errors and ensure project security.

Best Polygon Smart Contract Auditing Companies

We present the rating of Polygon Smart Contract Auditing Companies, which can be entrusted with smart auditing contracts.

  1. Hacken

A well-known international company engaged in the security audit of technology projects in the Web 3.0 industry, developing innovative products for clients to ensure their security in the digital space. The portfolio includes such projects as a platform for analyzing the security of crypto exchanges CER.live, disBalancer, OneArt, and others.

  1. Halborn

This company has 150+ launched projects in its portfolio, employing 80 highly qualified security engineers. The company is known in the field of development and testing and has extensive experience working with blockchains.

  1. Slowmist

A company with 1000+ projects is known for its clients: Binance, Crypto.com, and OkX. The company’s security experts have over 20 years of network security experience.

  1. Quantstamp

Since its inception, the company has secured nearly $200 billion in assets and has completed almost 900 audits. Its employees at one time made a career in large companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft.

  1. OpenZeppelin

The main clients of the well-known cybersecurity software company are CoinBase Compound, Ethereum Foundation, and others. In addition, developers can use its library for their applications via Open Zeppelin SDK.

  1. Kudelski Security

The number of launched projects of the company exceeds 200. The total portfolio is 230 billion dollars. In addition, the company is actively collaborating with some of the leading names in the cryptocurrency industry.

  1. CertiK

The cutting-edge company uses artificial intelligence technology and formal verification to provide blockchain security audit services. Mathematically checks the security of smart contracts.

  1. PeckShield

The Ethereum Top3 rewards program recently recognized the company. The project capitalization of the portfolio reaches $266 billion. In addition, some of the firm’s employees work in the blockchain industry in various sectors.

  1. Trail of Bits

The company’s number of projects in the blockchain security audit field is more than 500. In addition, the company provides three key services – Warranty, Software, and Safety.

How to Choose a Smart Contract Auditor for Polygon?

We recommend you first analyze the company’s achievements and examine the portfolio for the presence of successful projects. It is also important to see the tasks or platforms that the auditors have worked with, to analyze the scale and value of the audited project, as larger projects are often of greater interest to hackers.


A smart contract audit, which involves security assessments, risk analysis, search for potential vulnerabilities details, and so on, is extremely important for the project’s success. Such an audit is a key element of the development lifecycle. The resulting audit report describes in detail all the project’s vulnerabilities, allows you to eliminate code errors and so on, and secure data from hacker attacks. Therefore, you should choose a company capable of high-quality smart contract audits and provide you with a comprehensive report. It would help if you did not regret spending money and time on an audit because you will save much more in the end. In addition, guaranteed protection against hackers is an excellent result.


How much does it cost to audit a smart contract?

It is highly dependent on the provider. Usually ranges from 5 to 30 thousand US dollars for small and medium projects. And for large projects, the price can even reach 500 thousand dollars or more. However, the cost of verification is an important part of the project that should not be skimped on. After all, the losses that a company can suffer due to a hacker attack are much higher.

Why are auditing Polygon (Matic) smart contracts important?

Auditing smart contracts are very important for any business, as it eliminates inefficiencies, incorrect code behavior, vulnerability details, and various security flaws. Cryptocurrency transactions are vulnerable, as millions of dollars can be wiped out with just one code error. There are obvious benefits of auditing Polygon smart contracts: scheduling automatic scans, fixing bugs, code reviews, detailed audit reports, etc.

When does a project need a smart contract audit?

It is essential in preparation for the release of a product, in the presence of any malicious activity, immediately after major updates, etc.

What is Polygon Smart Contract Audit Process?

It is an important process that allows you to identify potential vulnerabilities, code errors timely, and so on, that can become the target of hacker attacks.