Polygon Smart Contract Audit – Process, Companies, Pricing

Polygon Smart Contract Audit

More than 7,000 decentralized applications in DeFi, games, metaverses, and NFTs run on Polygon. It is a network of secure Layer 2 (L2) solutions and autonomous sidechains. Polygon smart contract audit is a significant contribution to the project’s safety, saving the company money and its reputation. If hackers can access sensitive user data, people will … Read more

NEAR Protocol Audit – All You Need to Know

NEAR Smart Contract Audit

NEAR Protocol is a blockchain platform designed to enable the deployment and development of decentralized applications. dApps that have been built using NEAR can manage users’ crypto assets, independently issue their tokens, and control user identities through the blockchain The main goal of NEAR is to create an environment where anyone can securely develop applications … Read more

Solana Smart Contracts – Security, Auditing, and Development

Solana smart contract security audit

Solana is a fast-growing smart contract platform, consistently ranked in the top three along with Ethereum and Polkadot. However, for developers writing Solana smart contracts and attackers looking to hack them, the security of these smart contracts is a burning issue. Since smart contracts are essentially software that runs on a chain, they are called … Read more

How to Perform a Blockchain Audit?

How to Conduct a Blockchain Audit?

IT project development is rather labor-intensive work that requires many human resources. There are many ways to control a project. One of them is an audit. An audit is designed to reduce risks, reduce costs, or obtain a third-party project assessment. An internal audit is carried out by a service within the development company to … Read more

DeFi Security Audit – All You Need to Know

DeFi Security Audit

Decentralized finance is a term for various financial applications in blockchain projects. Many scams and hacks have proven the need for auditing before deploying code to the main network. Therefore, audits have become a DeFi industry staple to avoid hacking. Decentralized finance runs on automated smart contracts, and bugs in the code can disrupt the … Read more