Best Blockchain Audit Companies

Blockchain technology is developing rapidly, and in parallel, the skills of cyber hackers are developing. The crypto world appreciated the need for methods of protecting blockchain projects against hackers. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are finding new ways to hack the system and access users’ confidential information. 

Security threats lie in wait for users all the time. Therefore, it is necessary to find security solutions and develop methods to secure decentralized projects from hackers. We present you with the best crypto companies with blockchain audit, security analysis, and auditing smart contracts. Choose the leading audit firm and receive super protection against hackers.

Top 8 Smart Contract Audit Companies

We present you with the most innovative smart contract auditing companies that have proven themselves well.

CompanyNumber of projects onboardedTotal MCAP of portfolioMajor clientsTotal amount REKT
Hacken700+$100B+VeChain, FTX, Avalanche, Huobi, Kyber$15M
Slowmist1000+$150B+Huobi, Pancakeswap, Binance, OKX,$34M
CertiK1800+$278B+Terra Polygon, The Sandbox$100M
Quantstamp200+$200B+Curve, Maker, OpenSea$48M
Halborn150+ $75B+THORChain, ApeCoin, BlockFi,  Avalanche,   Polygon.$31M
OpenZeppelin70+$10B+Foundation, Ethereum Compound, Aave, Coinbase, The Graph.$275K
Trail of Bits500+ (Only For Blockchain Security Audits)$25B+LooksRare,,  Acala, Nervos,Balancer $42M
PeckShield50+$26B+Aave, Tron, Nervos, EOS, Harmony, Neo,  OlympusDAO,  Maker, Pancakeswap$132M
Comparison table of Smart Contract Auditors

We have presented you the ranking of blockchain security companies according to the following criteria: number of projects, Total MCAP of the portfolio, Major clients, and Total amount rekt.

#1 Hacken

We present you with the leading cybersecurity consulting company. It was founded in 2017 by security experts and white hat hackers focusing on blockchain security. The range of services includes security products ideal for IT companies.

The company is systematically expanding the ethical hacker community. Hacken invested $1.5 million in, thus making a considerable investment in developing and creating the blockchain security ecosystem. Among the notable projects of the company, which are more than 700: hVPN, hPass, Hackenproof BugBounty, Hacken AI, etc. The market capitalization of the famous company exceeds 100 billion dollars. The company has cooperated with VeChain, FTX, Huobi, Kyber, Avalanche, etc.

The company provides its clients with a wide range of security services.

#2 Slowmist

Founded in 2018, an audit company with over ten years of experience specializes in blockchain security and protecting the entire blockchain ecosystem. The company has worked with notable projects like Binance,, OKX, and Huobi.

The firm collaborates with domestic and international security firms such as IPIP and BitDefender.

#3 CertiK

It is a famous blockchain maximum security company founded in 2018 by professors from Yale and Columbia Universities. The company is engaged in formal verification and operates in artificial intelligence technologies. The firm mathematically verifies the security of smart contracts by integrating the benefits of manual and formal verification. The total market capitalization is estimated at $278 billion. The firm collaborates with some of the best cybersecurity experts to create comprehensive services. The market capitalization of DeFi is estimated at $153 billion, and Cetik’s dominance in the DeFi space is estimated at 20%.

#4 Quantstamp

It is one of the most famous smart contract audit companies in the blockchain sector. It managed to conduct more than 200 audits. The security team comprises security professionals with experience in the biggest technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Ethereum, Apple, and PhDs. The company has audited various blockchain systems, including Solana, BNB Chain, Ethereum 2.0, etc.

The three projects audited by the company have previously faced massive breaches and suffered nearly $48 million in damages. As a result, the firm has developed a decentralized safety net for smart auditing contracts.

#5 Halborn

Blockchain security company founded was founded in 2019 by ethical hackers. The company’s specialists perform manual and automated testing, conduct a thorough, smart contract audit, and provide cybersecurity advice. The company specializes in well-known protocols: Ethereum, Substrate, Solana, and Terra. Their clients include BlockFi, ApeCoin, Avalanche, THORChain, and Polygon.

#6 OpenZeppelin

The cybersecurity technology and services company is widely known worldwide for its skilled development of Solidity libraries called OpenZeppelin Contracts. Since 2015, the firm has helped protect over $10 billion in assets to organizations such as Coinbase, The Graph, and others. The first introduced gamification to identify security vulnerabilities in smart contracts. In the Ethernaut game, users find all the vulnerabilities in smart contracts, and only after that can they move to the next level. Another innovative product of the company is the Web3/Solidity war game, which proposes to hack smart contracts.

#7 Trail of Bits

Founded in 2012, the company is a leader in the cybersecurity industry with a vast list of clients, including Microsoft, Adobe, Reddit, Stripe, Zoom, and more. The firm provides security engineering, Software Assurance, and Research and development services. In addition, the company conducts audits of infrastructure security, threat modeling, security for the blockchain, cryptographic verification, and software protection. 

  • It audited smart contracts for various well-known firms: LooksRare
  • Balancer
  • Nervos Acala and others. 

The firm prides itself on being a network of developers capable of identifying and fixing loopholes in codes and devices.

#8 PeckShield

It is a Chinese security and audit firm founded in 2018. The security specialists of this company have vast experience in the blockchain ecosystem. This company is one of the top three in the world under the Ethereum Bounty program. It provides the clients with the following services: threat monitoring and penetration testing. The company’s goal is to provide end-to-end security for all blockchain users.

How to choose a Smart contract auditor?

First, you should conduct a detailed check of which auditor checked the projects and platforms. You should study the experience of the company. It is imperative to learn the size of the proven platforms and their popularity.

The auditor will have experience checking Ethereum smart contracts, as this is the most common area of ​​activity. However, finding an auditor involved in projects in alt-chains is more complicated. In addition, different audit companies have different levels of knowledge in audit protocols built on other blockchains.

Before choosing the best one among audit firms, you should analyze their experience, scope, portfolio, and so on. It will also be appropriate to study the recommendations and customer reviews. Also, check the methodology and approach adopted by the audit firm you have chosen. Give preference to firms that practice thorough auditing and have an impressive portfolio of audits of large projects.

What is Smart Contract Auditing?

Auditing smart contracts are signed in our time of cyber criminals. A smart contract security audit provides a detailed analysis of a project’s smart contracts. All transactions on the blockchain are final, so funds cannot be returned to users if they are stolen. Therefore, it is necessary to test the smart contract for vulnerabilities carefully. As a rule, security firms study the smart contract codes and draw up a detailed report on everything examined. After that, the identified vulnerabilities are eliminated.

Smart Contracts in Ethereum

A smart contract in Ethereum, for example, is a full-fledged program that can organize cycles and decision trees despite its small size. There are many details to consider even for automating simple transactions. Blockchain development is very resource-intensive. As for Solidity, the code is easy to read. And therefore, the work uses a vast arsenal of low-level development – algorithms that make it possible to use resources efficiently and save memory.

Decentralized finance and smart contracts

Decentralized finance has gained immense popularity in the crypto world. This technology eliminates intermediaries and provides maximum transparency, taking power from corporations and returning it to the people. DeFi maintains integrity by having all transactions registered on a public ledger and verified as proof of work. The financial breakthrough is changing the entire global economy by providing banking services to those who do not use the services of banks.

Blockchain is a means of payment without intermediaries, a secure source of data storage, and a place to create revolutionary applications – dApps. A smart contract is a programmed digital agreement applied on a blockchain. Smart contracts are transparent and secure, effectively protected from unauthorized access. However, vulnerabilities in smart contracts do exist. Therefore, hackers can gain access to user’s private information. 


It is not so easy to choose security professionals who will be able to make a qualitative analysis of a smart contract for vulnerabilities. But we hope that after our review, it is pretty fundamental. It is best if the firm can produce an accurate, clear, structured audit report written in simple and understandable language. Make sure the smart contract is audited as transparent and efficient as possible.

Crypto security is essential to the success of your project. Take timely security measures, conduct technical expertise and security tests, avoid security risks and do everything necessary to protect the project from hackers. 


Why is it important to make blockchain security audits?

Crypto Security Audits manage to eliminate errors in time. If there are no vulnerabilities in the project, hackers will be unable to access the digital assets, steal money from accounts, etc.

How Much Does a Smart Contract Audit Cost?

The cost of smart contract audit services varies among providers and, generally, ranges between $5K and $30K for small and medium-sized projects. For large projects, the cost of a smart contract audit may reach $500K or even more.

What are the main features of good audit reports?

An audit report is the result of an audit. With the help of an audit report, a security audit company expresses its opinion on the information being audited. The content and form of the audit report are essential. As a rule, a qualitative auditor’s report is accurate, concise, simple, practical, and understandable even for a person far from this subject.
A good report has the following qualities:
– Independent and impartial approach;
– Factual information;
– Direct exposure to weakness in control;
– Positive outlook, balanced criticism;
– Effective presentation.
This report is accurate, concise, and up-to-date.

What are the main crypto audit tools?

Network security auditing is crucial for modern enterprises to identify potential vulnerabilities.
The best auditing tools include port scanners, patch managers, vulnerability scanners, and more: the Intruder cloud scanner, the Atera platform, the ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus system security audit suite, the Netwrix Auditor audit software, and more should be canceled.

Is the Hacken audit good?

Hacken is ranked 3rd among five cybersecurity companies in the global market. Hacken has one of the lowest hacking rates. The Hacken certification has been adopted as the HTTP 2.3 standard.

What are the bug bounty programs?

The Bug Bounty Program is a deal offered by various organizations, websites, and software developers. Users can receive recognition and compensation for reporting project bugs and security vulnerabilities.